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How is a good cryptocurrency trading platform software?

Cryptocurrency exchange platform is a platform where cryptocurrency is bought, sold and traded. Each completed transaction on the platform will bring in a small fee to the platform owner. It can convert the form of cryptocurrency in another form. So, how is a good crypto exchange platform software? Let’s find the answer below.

  • Easy to trade

The trading platform must have the friendly interface so that trader can use easily. The platform has advanced buy/sell system with popular payment methods and has priority for fast order execution for top currency.

  • Secure and Safe

The platform software has good protections to against the attack and ensures the asset of traders. A lot of methods we can use to improve the security of trading platforms such as KYC/AML verification system, API integration, permission system, 2FA authentication, request encryption, and authorization. In particular, the software has manual confirmation from the admin of high volume transactions or the large amounts.

  • Customizable

Our cryptocurrency trading platform software is a customizable platform and can be integrated easily with any third party software. It is fully extensible and versatile with the user-friendly interface.

  • Cheaper and Faster

The transaction has become faster with no or fewer transaction fees. The interruptions are limited in the transaction process to enhance the user’s experiences.

  • Control Panel

Admin Dashboard provides full statistics for the Currency market, trade, and users, chart, etc. Besides, Admin Panel includes options like user management, currency activation and so on.

  • Integrated multi-sig wallet

Multi-sig wallet allows you to conduct traders KYC and AML check. It helps the transaction become transparent and safe. If the cryptocurrency will be sent to the multi-sig wallet, users just can withdrawal when having the signature of attendees.

  • Mobile app

Trading platform mobile app will help users implement transaction quickly and conveniently. The mobile apps have a user-friendly interface with fast trade execution.

  • Technical issues

The trading platform has to ensure the technical problems and overcome technical issues. The platform should be monitored and to have Plan B, as well as a backup in a safe place.

– Changes, exchange, and transactions are calculated, and if something is wrong – there is a return of operations.

– Validation of the sum.

– Regular backups.

– Available user log files.

– Administrative notifications in case of inadequate activity.

  • Support

Support service is a key factor to make a success of the trading platform. In the case of malfunction, respond as fast as possible and be generally notified about it.

Cryptocurrency trading platform

Why choose Exchange Script?

Exchange Script is a cryptocurrency exchange development company that pioneers in developing a professional cryptocurrency exchange to facilitate secure and fast transactions. At Exchange Script, you will have collaborated with a team of talented developers who always catch up with the latest blockchain technologies.

  • Experienced developers

Over more 20 cryptocurrency exchange, we are confident to bring our customers the best solutions in the fastest way and the most secure. Our team of experienced blockchain developers will build you a customizable and scalable cryptocurrency exchange with a high focus on security.

  • Best white label cryptocurrency trading platform software

Exchange Script provides the best white-label cryptocurrency trading platform preventing fraudulent activities. Moreover, this software will guarantee that money of trader and investors will be safe.

  • 24/7 Support

We understand the vital need of our customer and that’s why to have 24*7 support service. Contact us anytime to discuss your project related queries and get an instant response. Besides, we are always here to support you even if the project ends

  • Customer focused

Exchange Script has a talented team of developers, always keep up with the latest technology trends to provide our customers with the best solutions. Exchange Script is always aiming to maximize the benefits of our customers with superior services, affordable pricing, and security.

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