How to develop OTC cryptocurrency exchange?

Exchange Script specializes in designing the OTC cryptocurrency exchange. OTC exchange is a relatively new form of operation on the cryptocurrency market as well as in the financial market. OTC exchange has gained the trust of the majority of trade coin people and affirmed their position.

What is the OTC cryptocurrency exchange?

OTC exchange is really a very familiar concept for securities players, but for the cryptocurrency market, the OTC concept is relatively new. OTC stands for “Over The Counter”. The OTC trading platform is a peer-to-peer trading platform, where the organization does not rely on a fixed trading platform like the exchange market but relies on a system that operates under a competitive pricing mechanism and negotiates.

Why is the OTC exchange necessary?

For big investors who buy or sell a large amount of cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange will cause huge losses. Therefore, instead of placing transactions on a regular exchange, the OTC exchange will be conducted directly between the two parties. An OTC broker provides trading with liquidity, or find someone ready to trade. Because this happens outside the normal market, the trading volume is hidden and not registered by a trading platform.

Some features of OTC cryptocurrency trading platform are built by Exchange Script:

  • Module for users trades with each other: User transaction system with other users.
  • A page for visitors: Lading page, exchange information, registration, and login functions, language change.
  • A page for users: Register / Login, personal information, dashboard, user notifications, deposit, withdrawals, account information, system monitoring, transaction history, KYC, 2 FA.
  • Trading features: Supporting common cryptocurrency pairs, real-time charts, placing trade orders like call, put, winning or losing after placing orders, automatically paying interest into accounts, announcing system risk, account authentication, features required by guests
  • Trading features: Deposit, withdrawal, transaction history, FAQ questions
  • Account information management: Change account information, change passwords, monitor passwords, manage wallet accounts, manage systems
  • Dashboard: Total number of users, visitors, current visitors and profit of currency pairs
  • Member management: Manage deposits, manage withdrawals, manage members and other advanced features.

OTC exchange development

Why choose Exchange Script to make OTC cryptocurrency exchange software?

With a desire to please all customers when coming to Exchange Script, we always thoroughly understand the requirements, listen and constantly accumulate our capabilities to bring good services. Most and most effective. We are always committed to:

  • Secure data information for customers
  • Data security technology through Blockchain technology.
    Users can manage their own assets.
  • Secure wallet system for the exchange.
  • Minimize hacker attacks.
  • Enhance the firewall system.
  • Load balancing for the system.
  • Integrated hard wallet for account protection.
  • Build exchange completely on demand.
  • Integrated report and chart showing analysis changes.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • 24/7 customer support.

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