How to build a secure cryptocurrency exchange?

Building the secure cryptocurrency exchange is always the biggest concerns to the owners. To handle this problem, Exchange Script provides the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest secure technologies.

How to build a secure cryptocurrency exchange?

  • KYC/AML verification system

KYC/AML system is the process of verifying the identity of its users and assessing potential risks of illegal intentions for the business relationship. This system will manage user document, verify document and support the AML system.

  • Liquidity and API integration

Any cryptocurrency can be integrated into the exchange with integrating mail and SMS service. It gives the estimation of the trading activities on the cryptocurrency market. It enables you to understand and view present trading activities running on the website.

  • Multi-sig wallet

Multi-sig wallet allows you to conduct traders KYC and AML check. It helps the transaction become transparent and safe. If the cryptocurrency will be sent to the multi-sig wallet, users just can withdrawal when having the signature of attendees.

  • Order book with matching engine

A matching engine will help match up bids and offers to complete transactions. Matching engines use one or several algorithms to allocate transactions between bids and offers at the same price. The matching engine includes the dashboard for order payments, withdrawal request…

  • Trade Chart

Trade Chart provides an overview of every cryptocurrency trade and a complete understanding of the market at that particular point of time.

  • Permission system

With the P2P cryptocurrency exchange system, users can send and receive cryptocurrency anywhere without any involvement of a third party.

  • Hot wallet

Hot wallet stores cryptocurrency that is connected to the internet, which avoids attacks. Besides, we integrate multi private keys.

  • 2FA authentication

Two-factor authentication is a method of confirming a user’s identity by using two different factors including Private Keys & QR Scanner. 2FA is implemented on every login and withdrawal to ensure that the right user is accessing the account.

  • Request Encryption and Authorization

On any activity of the user, the request will get encrypted at client side that will be checked for authorization at the server side. Authorization and encryption both are the important systems used in the cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Building the most secure cryptocurrency exchange with Exchange Script

As an experienced cryptocurrency exchange developer, Exchange Script will develop the exchange with high-security standards, fast transaction speed, large transaction volume and user-friendly.

We are committed:

  • Provide the professional cryptocurrency exchanges with the latest technologies base on Blockchain.
  • Exchange Script specializes in the development of customized cryptocurrency exchange services that are trustworthy.
  • The user manages their asset by themselves
  • Integration of hard wallet on the exchanges
  • Exchange Script has a team of experts who can consult and develop user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges website for transactions.
  • Reports and charts show the price changes.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Mobile app

To see Exchange Script’s demo, please contact us by one of these methods below:

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