What is the IDO Platform Unilaunch (UNL)? Products of Unilaunch

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What is the IDO Platform Unilaunch?

Unilaunch is a decentralized platform that supports users and startups through the steps of a perfect process of building tokens and related utilities. Specifically, Unilaunch allows users to create their own token, generate initial liquidity, and launch the initial token sale. Our user-friendly UI makes the procedure simple and more straightforward than ever, even for crypto newbies.

Towards the new generation launchpad model, decentralized launchpad combines an innovative model – Share to earn to support the development of projects launching on the platform. With the share-to-earn model, the more the participants shares, the higher the income. Therefore, the community as well as KOLs will always be active in continuously earning. This is one of the reasons why tokens have a steady buying force.

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What is the IDO Platform Unilaunch (UNL)?

Highlights of Unilaunch project

Unilaunch is the innovative and productive combination of a next-gen fundraising launchpad and a Share-to-earn model.

Unilaunch aims to be the multi-chain launchpad for all projects without distinction of the blockchain used. Our ecosystem will offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains as BSC, ETH,…

UNL is the heart of the Unilaunch ecosystem. UNL token is not only one of the factors that help develop the scale and value of the ecosystem, but also an effective investment vehicle for all customers.

Product of Unilaunch project

The best solution that all projects are looking for

Unilaunch is a decentralized ecosystem whose key is Uni launchpad – a new generation IDO platform which helps projects to have enough resources to launch, raise funds and approach investors in an innovative, safe, transparent and efficient way. The launchpad is combined with innovative model – Share to earn, allowing Unilaunch platform massive number of users to share about projects to continuously earn.

Unilaunch does not limit to just a launchpad, Unilaunch develops a comprehensive ecosystem, providing total solutions for the convenience of investors, as well as project owners. All solutions from IDO Launchpad, UniFarm, UniPool to Incubation are integrated into Unilaunch’s ecosystem. 

Holding UNL tokens and doing complicated KYC processes are not needed, anyone can participate in IDO. All are fair and transparent when entering Unilaunch’s ecosystem.

Problem of Unilaunch project

Unilaunch addresses the limitations of current Launchpad platforms

Project Owner: Lack of experience and resources


  • Mandatory token staking
  • Investment capital is not guaranteed


  • Centralized control
  • Profit-centric model
  • Short term impact
  • High Cost
  • One-ecosystem limited
  • Limited participants

Solution of Unilaunch project

Solution of Unilaunch project

Towards the new generation launchpad model, Unilaunch provides a variety of outstanding features that allow project owners to keep complete control over their project while giving features and utility to every investor. 

Share to earn

Unilaunch is the first launchpad integrated Share-to-Earn model, aiming to develop a sustainable cross-promotion network for long-term support both pre- and post-IDO. 

It is the win-win cooperation between on-launch projects and Influencers as well as users as it generates a new social engagement dynamic through exclusive driven content to promote the projects. 

NFT Avatar system

An NFT Avatar represents a user. No two Avatars are alike, you are unique in Unilaunch’s huge ecosystem. The limited Avatars are divided into several ranks which allows Avatar owners to have different perks on the platform. Avatar owners can buy IDO of the projects in Professional Tier free, forever, and more.

Multichain Launchpad

Unilaunch offers the multi-chain launchpad for all projects without distinction of the blockchain they run on. Projects on one or multiple blockchains such as BSC, ETH, CRO, AVAX, MATIC are all accepted.

Voting system

Unilaunch empower investors to jointly vote for the best projects. Unilaunch will grow constantly by stimulating the competitiveness of projects and allowing all investors to raise their voices for the overall development.

Business Model of Unilaunch project

Unilaunch platform’s main revenue comes from project listing fees, project advertising,…

UniLaunch’s main source of revenue mostly comes from:

  • Listing Fee
  • Utility Fees: Vesting token fee, Farm create a fee, look LP fee
  • Banner Ads
  • Marketing fee: Unilaunch will sell marketing packages suitable to the budget and each stage of project development: 2.000$ – 5.000$ – 10.000$ – 20.000$ – 100.000$
  • Consulting fee: In addition to the general consultation, Unilaunch will sell in-depth consulting packages for the project such as MKT consulting, strategic consulting, product consulting, and expanding the partner system.

Business Model of Unilaunch project

Market Unilaunch project

Main competitors include: Gempad, Pinksale, CookieSale, DxSale, Unicrypt

Unilaunch is a place to connect carefully selected and groundbreaking blockchain projects with cryptocurrency investors, providing a convenient, transparent and secure mechanism for raising capital, investing and distributing tokens. 

For project owners

  • All-in-one launchpad
  • Multichain Launchpad
  • Tier-Less System
  • The cost is cheaper than other launchpad
  • Simple registration process
  • Incubator for potential projects
  • Suitable for small and medium projects
  • Full support before, during, and after IDO
  • Providing consulting and marketing services at the lowest cost but most effective.

For investors

  • No UNL token holding required to receive an allocation
  • Simple buying process
  • Commit to high profits when holding native tokens
  • Guarantee capital and profit for investors
  • Calendar integrated to not miss any presales
  • Easy-to-use website UI
  • The avatar system allows users to get exclusive privileges
  • Share-to-earn model offers monetization option
  • No KYC

Unilaunch will be a safe and unique destination for project owners and investors to grow, get rich and become the very first element of the potential financial market together.

Team Unilaunch project

Proven team with extensive blockchain, NFT, marketing and scaling experience

Knowing the Crypto market as individual investors and starting with only 5 members, since 2015, the Unilaunch team has learned a lot about Blockchain as well as embarked on project reality. The team has collaborated with many startups and has outsourced to other companies through many projects, most of which are also focused on Blockchain, Defi, and NFT. That has helped the team accumulate a lot of experience in this field.

Token Utility Unilaunch project

UNL is the heart of the Unilaunch ecosystem.

UNL token is not only one of the factors that help develop the scale and value of the ecosystem, but also an effective investment vehicle for all customers.

  • Token name: Unilaunch
  • Symbol: UNL
  • Total supply: 100.000.000
  • Initial price: $0.012
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

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